PhD Antti Hautamäki



The focus of this Sustainable Innovation site is twofold. The first topic is sustainable innovation and the issues of societal development. I have studied innovations form the beginning of 90’s, especially when I was a professor of service innovation at University of Jyväskylä in years 2009-2013. My book Sustainable Innovation, A New Age of Innovation and Finland’s Innovation Policy, 2010, is a summary of my basic ideas about the topic. Sustainable innovation means innovation that balances the long-term influences of the process and the output with the needs of  people, societies, the economy and the environment.

The second topic is philosophy, especially epistemology and philosophical logic. I studied philosophy at the University of Helsinki, where I got my PhD in philosophy in 1987. My doctoral thesis was Points of View and their Logical Analysis, 1986. By a point of view I mean using an aspect of an object to represent it.

Both topics are still in intensive phase and I have published over two hundred articles and thirty books about them.  In this blog I will rise interesting new issues crossing both topics.

I’m the founder of Consulting Sustainable Innovation (Konsultointi kestävä innovaatio), which provides expert services in research, development and innovation.


You can contact me by e-mailing me: antti.hautamaki @ kolumbus.fi

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